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How would you rate that? Tiffani Thiessen and co-star Tim DeKay give their passionate kiss a thumbs-up on set of White Collar <br />By  <br>  Published:  01:42 BST, 24 August 2013  |  Updated:  13:12 BST, 24 August 2013  <br>                  </a>      <br>Tiffani Thiessen and her onscreen hubby Tim DeKay were having a thumbs up kind of day.<br><br>The pair spent an enjoyable day on the set of their series White Collar on Friday in which they got to hug and kiss as the cameras were rolling.<br><br>Tiffani, 39, who plays event planner Elizabeth Burke in the USA network comedy-drama, was standing on the steps of the New York City Supreme Court when she reached around Tim's neck and gave the 50-year-old a smooch to remember.<br>    (image:  )  Is that in the script: Tiffani Thiessen gave her TV husband Tim DeKay a passionate smooch as they filmed a scene for their show White Collar in New York on Friday<br> <br>Tim was obviously keen on the kiss as he responded by wrapping his arms around the svelte actress.<br><br>Afterwards the pair were seem smiling and joking with one another while giving the thumbs up to onlookers.<br><br>Tiffani flashed her famous dimples but otherwise was dressed like she meant business in a pencil-line black skirt and matching blazer over an ivory blouse.<br>    (image:  )  Thumbs up: The stars rated their onscreen kiss with an enthusiastic double thumbs up<br> <br> <br>    (image:  )  Happily wed: They play a husband and wife who have a happy home life<br> <br> <br>    (image:  )  Business as usual: The 39-year-old actress plays an event planner and Tim plays a hard-working FBI agent in the USA Network comedy-drama<br> <br>Her outfit was accessorised with a red and black handbag and a slim black belt, and black leather pumps gave the look an elegant flourish.<br><br>Tiffani plays the very understanding wife of Tim's character, Special Agent In Charge Peter Burke, a hardworking FBI agent.  <br /><br><br>Later Tiffani was seen taking a break and relaxing in a chair, no doubt taking a load off her feet in those high heels.<br>    (image:  )  How about a retake: Tim had fun clowning around while Tiffani gave him a big hug<br> <br> <br>    (image:  )  Watching their step: The pair filmed the scene on the broad steps of the New York City Supreme Court<br> <br> <br>    (image:  )  Career girl: Tiffani was businesslike chic in a pencil-line black skirt, black blazer and ivory blouse along with a very nice red and black handbag<br> <br>Sore feet aside, Tiffani loves working on this show because of her and Tim's successful onscreen marriage.<br><br>'It's one of the first scripts that I've read in a really long time, when I read the pilot, that it was actually a marriage that works on TV,' Tiffani told Starpulse.com.<br><br>'Because most of the time marriages on TV are filled with drama and affairs and distrusting each other and it's all the opposite with the Burkes, which is what I really, really enjoy about the relationship.'<br>    (image:  )  On with the show: Tiffani flashed those pearly whites as she filmed another scene with co-star Sharif Atkins<br> <br> <br>    (image:  )  So happy: The actress looked radiant as she traded lines with Atkins, who plays Special Agent Jones<br> <br> <br>    (image:  )  Taking a load off: The star was seen relaxing in her chair and checking her cell phone during a filming break<br> <br>In real life, Tiffani has been married to Texas-born actor Brady Smith since 2005 and they are the parents of three-year-old daughter Harper Renn.<br><br>Tiffani initially gained success after starring as Kelly Kapowski in Saved by The Bell and as Valerie Malone Beverly Hills, 90210 in the Nineties.  <br /><br><br>Tim, meanwhile, is married to wife Elisa Taylor and is a father of two.<br /><br>    (image:  )  With the family: Tiffani is wed to actor Brady Smith and they are parents to three-year-old Harper<br> <br> <br><br><br /><br><br><br /><br>
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