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A  man and woman who went missing on the same day and in the same area by Lake Tahoe as Kiely Rodni were found dead in an embankment on Wednesday.<br>Janette 'JJ' Pantoja, 29, and ex-boyfriend Juan Almanza Zavala, 36, were discovered near their car which was lodged down a  County embankment, according to the Nevada County Sheriff's Office.<br>Pantoja's family alerted police shortly after her August 6 disappearance that her phone last pinged in the area where the car and bodies were found 11 days later.<br>In the midst of the search for her sister, Alejandra Pentoja expressed her disappointment with law enforcement for the large-scale investigation searching for Rodni compared to the lack of communication she received from detectives.<br>Rodni, 16, vanished from the Prosser Family Campground, which is about 70 miles from where the former couple's bodies were found. Her disappearance on the same day launched a massive search that's now clocked in about 18,000 personnel hours pursuing leads.<br>'How is it that they're doing a big deal for her but not making a big deal for our family member?' Alejandra said. 'It's not OK.' <br>      (image:  )    Janette 'JJ' Pentoja (left), 29, and ex-boyfriend Juan Almanza Zavala (right), 36, were found 70 miles from where Kiely Rodni, 16, vanished<br>      (image:  )    The vehicle that both Pentoja and Zavala were in was found down an embankment near Highway 20 and Poker Flats Road in Penn Valley, California<br>      (image:  )    California Highway Patrol responded to a report that a man spotted a crashed vehicle down the embankment, which was not visible from the road<br>      (image:  )    The former couple was driving a Blue 2002 Ford Explorer (pictured) when they left for a car show in Reno, Nevada<br>  RELATED ARTICLES                                                                      Share this article                  Share                                  'I thought police were pretty rude,' Pantoja's sister told . 'I called them (while she was missing) because I wanted to know about my sister, and th          DM.later('bundle', function()        DM.has('external-source-links', 'externalLinkTracker');    );
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Sunday, September 25, 2022

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