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 Fun and unique music rhythm game

A fun rhythm <a href="https://fridaynightfunkin2.com">friday night funkin</a> game called Friday Night Funkin' pits you against the father of your hot girlfriend and a variety of other characters. To impress your future father-in-law, feel the rhythm and be precise.
You can now enjoy Seven weeks, which include Bopeebo, Dad Battle, Fresh, Ugh, and Guns. As the prince of darkness sings and tries to steal your girl, you play against the devil in this musical game similar to Dance Dance Revolution starting with Bopeebo. Make sure to time everything perfectly while following the arrows on the screen to avoid losing and having to restart the round. The challenge is increased with Dad Battle. Since Evil Dad was a former Rockstar, practice your beats against him. Win her heart by outdoing him with a tuneful rendition of your melody.
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Friday, October 7, 2022

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