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Getting Started with Your Essay

These compelling writing tips are great practice at any level because you can use them to quickly pre-write and sketch without doing any further research (which means you can practice these skills in minutes), or you can enrich their further research for practice for longer essays.   
Writing can be intimidating, but the longer you put off a task, the harder it gets. Sometimes the hardest part about writing an essay is getting started. You may already have a plan and know what you want to write, but you are having a hard time finding the right words to make it work.  When answering college essay questions, you may not know where to start. Most high school students have difficulties in writing their papers. Getting started is usually the hardest part of essay writing, and it is also one of the main reasons why our students tend to leave homework at the last minute.   
In this article, we'll look at several proven ways to get your students to write with the impetus that will lead them to complete their essays. Once you've worked through the beginning of your essay, be sure to check out our complete guide to polishing your essay before submitting and our top 5 essay writing tips. At this point, writing an effective introduction to your essay should be easy because you already have the content to present. If you're so passionate about how to write an introduction to an essay that you're staring at a blank screen as the clock ticks near the deadline, skip the introduction and move on to the main paragraphs of the essay.   
If you think the most difficult part of the article is the opening paragraph, please start with other content, such as the middle paragraph. If you know where your paper is going, but not necessarily how it will get to it, write your conclusions first. Write your initial thesis statement at the top of the page or screen, and place your three or four main ideas in a logical order below the thesis statement to create a rough outline for your thesis.  See if you can write a one-sentence preliminary thesis that logically integrates all the main ideas. If you can combine all the main ideas into one sane sentence, you can probably combine all the ideas in one sane essay. Writing a preliminary thesis at this early stage is a good test to see how well ideas can be combined in your essay.   

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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