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Children as young as 14 were pitted against each other in street fighting bouts to settle gangland rivalries.<br>Ex-convict Malik, 32, from Paris, organised the street fighting matches so gang members could battle in a secure ring rather than with guns and knives.<br>France has struggled with  for years and many of those caught up in it are young men or boys. <br>More than two million people have watched livestreams of the street fights on Malik's YouTube channel .<br>After a history of criminal violence as a child, the Parisian turned his focus to helping children who are growing up in some of the roughest housing estates in Paris.<br>He told MailOnline: 'We are the guardian angels of the street. Since our concept has been running in Paris, many tensions have calmed down. <br>              (image:  )    Topless 14-year-old Léo (left) battles in front of dozens of people at a makeshift ring on the streets of Paris for streeting fighting organised by Canal Pourss<br>      (image:  )    While organiser and founder Malik, 32, has introduced headgear fighters used to battle without protection<br>      (image:  )    Fighters are surrounded by a ring of people chanting and shouting as the bout takes place in Paris<br>      (image:  )    Kaïs, 14, was one of the fighters at a bout earlier this year against Léo, also 14. Organiser Malik hopes the fights will mean gang rivals settle their scores without weapons<br>      (image:  )    While millions have watched livestreams of the fights, hundreds have crowded together to see the fights in person<br>      (image:  )    Canal Pourss founder Malik, 32, (pictured) was caught up in gang violence on the streets of Paris as a youngster and had eight stints in prison between the ages of 14 and 22 <br>'We started with the young people of my neighbourhood to calm the brawls of the districts.'<br>His hope is that children will take up boxing and settle their debts in makeshift rings rather than through the gang feuds that have left so many injured or dead in the French capital.<br>His own childhood was marred with gang violence and he was thrown in jail for the first time at the age of just 14.<br>  RELATED ARTICLES                                                                          Share this article                  Share                                  He grew up in Élancourt, a commune in Paris next to the infamous Trappes area, which is known for its poverty and violence.<br>Malik was in prison eight times between the ages of 14 and 22, with his longest stint a sentence of five years.<br>He wouldn't reveal what his specific crimes were because they were 'too intimate' but said they were related to gang violence. <br>He said: 'When I was younger I was violent. I was in a lot of trouble.<br>      (image:  )    Kaïs was one of at least two 14-year-olds to take part in the amateur street fighting bouts meant to settle debts between rivals<br>      (image:  )    The bouts are a chance for rival gang members to settle scores but also for youngsters in Paris to have their time in the limelight as the livestreams are watched by millions<br>      (image:  )    Once a month the event sees many children come together to eat and watch the day's eight fights<br>'After several times in jail I calmed down and put together my concept. <br>'These are youthful mistakes. Now I've settled.<br>'We started in the street with the young people of my neighbourhood to calm the brawls of the districts. <br>'We do structured street boxing with all the possible rules.'<br>During Ramadan last year he lent boxing gloves to children in housing estates and taught them how to fight.<br>While he also provides free workouts for men and women every Sunday, his main event is street fighting. <br>      (image:  )    The boxers trade insults and threats before the fight begins as they are watched by friends and gang members in France<br>      (image:  )    Many of those caught in the violent gangs that have plagued the streets of Paris are young men or boys <br>      (image:  )    Before one of the bouts a rapper set the tone of the fight as red flares were released by someone in the crowd<br>Once a month, hundreds of youngsters from some of Paris's toughest neighbourhoods gather for a day of fighting.<br>Eight bouts happen one after the other and are filmed to promote the 'art of fighting'.<br>Every fight has three rounds, each a minute long.<br>The boxers often go by aliases such as Iron Hands and Volcano and trade insults and threats before the fight begins.<br>However, once the fight begins the hand-to-hand combat is disciplined and overseen by a referee.<br>The bouts have been running for a year and have grown in popularity.<br>Malik's channel has garnered thousands of followers and he hopes to take his idea worldwide.<br>Although Malik's street fights are not a wholly peaceful solution to gang violence in Paris, if they weren't fighting there it is likely the feuds would play out with weapons rather than fists in the suburbs of the French capital.   <br>            adverts.addToArray({"pos":"inread_player"})Advertisement                    data-track-module="am-external-links^external-links">  Read more:                  DM.later('bundle', function()        DM.has('external-source-links', 'externalLinkTracker');    );  Here is my web blog ...  http://go.dadebaran.ir/index.php?url=https://heylink.me/slot-gacor-mudah-menang/
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Friday, November 4, 2022

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