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For months, Chipotle loyalists have been questioning online whether the chain has increased the spice levels of their hottest salsa option: the Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa.<br>On , i          (image:  )    Loyalists believe the beloved chain pumped up the heat its spiciest hot sauce, to the surprise and delight of some, and horror of others<br>One woman, who spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the allegedly hotter sauce, said she, at first, thought it was all in his head.<br>'I thought maybe it was just in my head and it was always that spicy and maybe I was just being a wimp, I guess.  I was like, maybe I can't handle hot salsa anymore,' said Jordan Strickland. 'I think they should go back to the way it was. It was spicy enough.'<br>Others disagree and have told the haters to opt for a less spicy option if they're dissatisfied with the new kick.<br>'It's called hot salsa.  If you can't handle it, get the medium,' said Jordan Black.<br>Back in December of 2022, Kristi Howard posted a video of herself eating Chipotle tacos with the spicy sauce that she swore had recently grown hotter.<br>The user Sophia then responded to her video  saying she used 'to drench her Chipotle in the red sauce,' but now says she can't even stomach a tiny bit of the sauce on a lone chip.<br>'That t          (image:  )    One TikToker jokes that the spicy sauce is now so much hotter than it once was that she has to carefully moderate the amount that lands on her food<br>      (image:  )    A Wall Street Journal analysis found that the chain's red sauce was, on the upper end of it Scoville unit test, spicier than some of the hottest brand name hot sauces out there<br>The Wall Street Journal sent samples of the chain's hot sauce to a lab in New Mexico that tested the Scoville units of chile peppers, hot sauces and salsas. <br>Scoville Heat Units, which measure spiciness, range from zero to more than 2million.<br>Samples from across the country were submitted and the lab determined that the Scoville units ranged from 2,730 to 3,420. <br>The higher end of that range, according to the outlet, is hotter than some popular hot sauce brands that are known to be on the spicier end of the most commonly purchased brands - including Cholula, Tapatío and Sriracha.<br>What the brand ultimately discovered was that some of the chiles it gets from certain regions of India had a bit more of a kick to them this season than in years past.<br>The company has repeatedly said that it did not alter its recipe for the hot sauce, but has continued to monitor its chile mix.<br>  April 6 (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp has cut short an online client conference on geopolitics and apologized to attendees after complaints over pro-Russia comments made by certain speakers when discussing the Ukraine war, the Financial Times reported.<br> The comments were made by speakers from inside and outside the bank during the online forums on Tuesday, the FT reported on Thursday, citing people who attended the event.<br> The meeting was one of many that included external speakers to help its clients understand issues affecting their investment decisions, the newspaper said, citing the bank.<br> The conference was designed as a two-day event beginning on Tuesday, but BofA Securities has canceled three sessions addressing U.S.  sanctions on Russia and Russia-U.S. relations, the report said.<br> Bank of America did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.<br> The bank's head of research telephoned clients after the event to apologize for the content of Tuesday's sessions, the report added.<br> After Russia's invasion of Ukraine early last year, major western banks stopped their Russian operations and relocated their staff to other geographies.<br> (Reporting by Jaiveer Singh Shekhawat in Bengaluru; Editing by Devika Syamnath)<br>
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Thursday, April 6, 2023

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