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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); <br> The Microsoft&#39;s platform has the good capacity to compete with some other operating systems out there, thus why don&#39;t we conduct a showdown between the 2 Windows Phone-powered smartphones namely HTC Titan 2 VS Nokia Lumia 900 (AT&#38;T).  Both smartphones also include different superiorities in terms of specs and also its features. Now, let&#39;s take notice of the below showdown of HTC Titan 2 VS Nokia Lumia 900 to determine which smartphone is superior in all aspects. <br><br> Style <br><br> To start with this battle of HTC Titan 2 VS Nokia Lumia 900, we will examine the design, dimension and display specs.  The two phones feature the slate style with the usual 3 touch control buttons underneath the display. The display of Titan measures 4.7 inches S-LCD capacitive touch-screen with 480x800 pixels and also 199 ppi, whilst the rival uses the 4.3 inches with the same resolution but it has been provided with Corning Gorilla Glass and higher pixel density of 217 ppi. The Titan has the measurement of 132 x 69 x 13 mm and body weight of 147 grams, whilst the competitor measures 127.8 x 68.5 x 11.5 mm and weighs about 160 gr. We can notice that Lumia is more compact but it&#39;s heavier as compared to the challenger. In this round, Nokia&#39;s handset comes as the winner due to the sleeker design and better display specifications.  <br><br> Performance <br><br> In terms of hardware specs, both phones come equipped with nearly the same single processor (1.5 Ghz VS 1.4 Ghz) and RAM (512 MB). Also, it comes with the same 16 GB of internal storage without microSD card slot. For the main operating system, both phones pack Windows Phone 7.5 or it&#39;s also known as OS Mango. In this segment, the showdown of HTC Titan 2 VS Nokia Lumia 900 can be considered draw. <br><br> Camera <br><br> The 16 MP camera of Titan 2 is obviously more preferable over Lumia&#39;s 8 megapixels camera. Also, this 16 MP camera has been added with the Back-side Illuminated sensor (BSI) that can increase the amount of light captured so that it will improve the low-light performance.  The two handsets present the 1 MP secondary cameras for the video calling and the rear cameras may be functioned as the high-definition camcorder (720p). <br><br> Battery Life, Internet and Connectivity <br><br> The Titan 2 is powered by the standard battery of Li-ion 1730 mAh whilst the rival comes packed with a bit bigger battery capacity of Li-ion 1830 mAh.  According to this specification, both devices can deliver rather the exact same standby time as well as talk-time. Both phones have been loaded with the 4G LTE capability and support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR) but sadly both handsets won&#39;t support NFC feature. <br><br> Final Thoughts <br><br> The showdown between HTC Titan 2 VS Nokia Lumia 900 can be regarded as tight comparison considering that the two handsets include similar hardware and software specs along with the same capacity of built-in storage space.  The advantages of Titan 2 will be the more outstanding camera specifications and lighter body whilst Lumia 900 comes more innovative with its vivid and tougher display as well as the more compact design. <br>        (image:  )  Imam Sulaeman is one of the authors at  . Visit the blog to get more information .      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
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Thursday, June 8, 2023

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